Eden Prays SEPTEMBER 2018 – COMFORT – Nehemiah 1:5-11


Father we are grateful for all You do for us.

We are grateful for the good times and the not so good times.

We thank You for provision, protection and breakthrough.

We also thank You for the bottle-neck experiences we have, because we are assured of the future You have for us.


We lift up our eyes to You, oh Lord for You are enthroned in the heavens.

Our eyes look to You Lord our God till You show us Your mercy.We are desirous of Your mercy Lord; men have brought reproach on us and we need Your deliverance.

We look to You Lord because only You can end the contempt and ridicule from the arrogant and proud towards us.

Because we trust in You, we shall not be ashamed, because we are like the mount which cannot be shaken forever.

Lord You surround us, therefore we are at peace even when the nations rage and the storms roar.

Because we meditate on Your word, our hearts are not drawn to what is evil; our hearts are guarded by Your word and our lips are guided by You Lord.

We shall not stumble because our eyes are fixed on You; hence the evil and arrows of the day and night do not harm us.

We are prosperous people because we belong to the commonwealth of Zion, the city of the Lord.

In our going out and coming in, boundary lines fall in good places unto us and our coasts are enlarged.

Personal Prayer Points

Prayer for a Supernatural Encounter with God
God give me a supernatural experience with you cause an insatiable hunger for you and your works.

F. A

I want to thank God for His faithfulness. I sent a request for my relative’s visa interview. Though she wasn’t given the visa, I still want to thank God because of who He is and for His continuous loving kindness towards us. I am convinced that He has opened better doors for my relative with multiple visas granted.


Financial Breakthrough and Visa Application Success
Join me to pray for financial breakthrough and God should grant me my visa with ease.
E. A

Exam Success
Kindly join me in prayer for excellent success in my exams on the 13th and 15th of this month.

Thanksgiving, Guidance, and Divine Presence
I want to thank God for His wonderful protection and guidance all these while, in my life, towards my family and more especially for saving my brother’s life from a terrible accident, for good health and sustainability to me and everyone around me. I want to say a big thank you Father.
I want to pray for His continuous guidance and direction in my life as I step into a new phase and level in life. I thank You God.
Finally want to pray for the Holy Spirit to keep being with me and help to draw me nearer to God.
I want to thank God for Eden family and all Christians all over the world.
Thank You everlasting Father.
K. B

Divine Knowledge, Direction, Spouse and Blessings
– I want to know Christ more. More of the Spirit in me and less of me. To be more useful in His presence.
– A purpose-driven life. The Lord should help me discover my gifts and talents and use it for His glory and for the good of mankind. To impact positively anyone and everyone I come across.
– God should order my steps, words and deeds.
– The Lord should guide and guard me in not making a Decision I will regret.
– For my own spouse to locate me and the Spirit of discernment to know he is the One.
– The Lord should bestow on me Wisdom and Counsel in all my endeavors.
– God should bless me, my family and my loved ones.
T. T

Need God’s Strength and Wisdom
I am in need of God’s strength to help me to be strong at all times and also His wisdom and understanding in making decisions.

God’s Protection and Provision
God’s favour upon my family, His protection, provision and new ideas for a new stream of income.

Divine Provision
For God to perfect my travel plans for my masters.

Peace in Nigeria
With the election coming up next year, the country is gradually entering a tensed moment. Let’s pray for God’s peace to reign. And to disarm all evil forces.


Letting Go of The Past
I am having challenges letting go of past mistakes. I need the grace to forget about my mistakes and move ahead to a brighter future.