Eden Prays – January 2019 – STRENGTH FOR THE JOURNEY


Father in heaven, we give You thanks for the new year, we thank You because this is a new beginning for us, a clean slate to fulfill that which You have in mind for us to do, a new chance for our hearts to pant after You like the deer pants for the water.

We are grateful for the life You gave unto us, the breath we breathe, for provision, for good health, for our existence. We understand that You sustain the whole of humanity. Father we couldn’t have come this far without You. For this and many more, we say thank You Father.

Lord for Your church, we are grateful, we thank You because over this nation, You have placed the church at the nexus of all activities, we are thankful for You have made us salt to our generation at this time. Lord we can’t be less grateful for all these. We thank You father.

Over our leaders, we are grateful, we thank You for them, we thank You for their lives, their families. We know that some have good intentions for the people and these intentions we pray shall not be sabotaged. We thank You for their lives, we know their hearts are in Your hands.

We thank You for Eden Nigeria, it’s been 19 years of functioning with the word You sent to Your son. We have seen various seasons and times, but Your word remains the same. We thank You for the word You spoke unto us, the ones You are speaking unto us and the ones You will speak unto us. They have been working together for our good.

Lord, we thank You for our friends and colleagues in the Universities, also those in other schools and institutions, for all that they learn and will still learn, You have brought them to a place where their lives are modeled for tomorrow.

Thank You Father.



The Lord spoke to the fathers through diverse ways but in these last days, He has spoken unto us through His Word, His Son Jesus Christ.

Father, You are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear what the earth brings as its yield this year. Even if the mountains shake, we are certain You do not neglect Your own; You are always with us.

This year, we take refuge in the name of the Lord, our journeys are secured. If hard times do come, we shall be comforted by the Joy of the Lord.

Father You are God, we shall not be afraid, Your strength is made available for us in our weakest times; by Your mighty hand of righteousness, we shall be strengthened all through the year. You are our strength and our song, You have given us victory, therefore we have made the journey because we trust in You.

We will praise You and exalt You, for You are the God our fathers worshiped and You will be our God even till the end of time. Father, we seek Your face Lord, we shall not lack any good thing in all aspects of our life.

Father, You are an everlasting rock and we shall trust in You forever because our mind is stayed on Your word day and night. This Year, our strength is continually renewed because we wait upon You our God.

You are our continued deliverer and Your presence will always be with us. Because You go before us, we shall not be afraid, you will not forsake us. Our eternal refuge, we are under Your everlasting arm now and till the end of time.


Personal Prayer Points


God, Meet All My Needs

1. O Lord God, build me up in-line with Your destiny for my life in Jesus name.

2. O Lord God, grant me riches and wealth in Jesus name.

3. O Lord God, give master Paul Efe-Oghene divine wisdom, understanding and knowledge in Jesus name.

4. O Lord God, promote and favour my wife in her place of work in Jesus name.

5. O Lord God, deliver me from every pain on my head and heal my body from sickness and disease in Jesus name.

6. O Lord God, grant me, my wife and family members long life and good health in Jesus name.

7. O Lord God, promote me to the rank of Commodore this year in Jesus name.

8. O Lord God, grant me Your mercies and grace every day of my life in Jesus name.

9. O Lord God, grant this country a successful election in Jesus name.

10. O Lord God, preserve and protect our marriages in my family in Jesus name.

11. O Lord God, give me the grace to have a deep relationship with You in Jesus name.

12. O Lord God, do not let me bury any member of my family and friends this year in Jesus name.
Paul E.O

Divine wisdom for my daily activities this year.

Comprehensive Understanding
God should make my niece smarter. She finds it difficult to understand what she is being taught in school and I believe God has made her naturally smart.

Divine Light and Ordered Steps
1.The light to run in 2019
2.Ordered steps
3.Wisdom, Grace, Mercy and Favor

An End To ASUU Strike
God should touch the heart of the striking lecturers to call off the current ongoing strike, so I can complete my studies.

Peaceful Election In Nigeria
Peace and divine security for the upcoming election in Nigeria.

Divine Direction and Settlement
1) God should show me the right way to go in my decision making… I don’t want to put the cart before the horse in Jesus name, Amen.

2) God should settle every unsettled area of my life speedily this year in Jesus mighty name I ask. Amen

Provision of Sources of Income
Provision of Job, multiple sources of income for my family and help my sister to be inspired to work.

Growth and Prosperity
I want God to make Nigeria, my life and entire family better and prosper.

Intimacy With God
God should open the eyes of my understanding and give me revelation knowledge of Him. To know Him not for what He can do, but for Who He is. I want to have a personal encounter to make my Christian walk more real to me.