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As a ministry, EDEN is blessed to receive committed financial support and donations from Visible Impact and other cheerful Kingdom financiers. There are a number of fundraising initiatives that EDEN is involved in, these are:

Fundraising Avenues
  • Church: Corporate goodwill through provision of needed equipment’s, free venue for our events, e.t.c
  • Corporate Nigeria Sponsorship: through provision of refreshment, speakers for events, needed equipment, package for event participants, e.t.c.
  • Individual Social Responsibility: Individuals can fulfill their religious obligations by donating one-tenth of their income after tax to EDEN.
  • Sponsorship: Eden runs a number of flawless and world class events and projects that could be sponsored as these are free to attend with no cost borne by the participant.

At the onset of EDEN, God made FD a promise;

‘’I will so bless the work of your hands that men will have to come and ask you ‘’what are you really doing? Tell us your secret’’ and you will answer that it’s because my finances are committed to EDEN and the kingdom. They will naturally commit their finances to this call also.’’

‘’There will come a time you will need only 70 million Naira to build, and you will raise 120 million Naira without asking anyone, but they will keep bringing, like the days of Moses. Until you say please stop.’’

  • Money will never be our limiting factor
  • We will only be limited by our dreams and desires
  • Only be prudent!!!

God has been faithful to His promise; testimonies abound as to the bountiful harvest of sowing into EDEN.

We invite you to experience the joyous blessings of partnering with EDEN in ensuring that at least a vibrant Christian with an EDEN experience is produced per household through these initiatives.

Our Partners