Eden Prays – DECEMBER 2018 – THANKSGIVING – Psalm 23, 24, 25, 26, 27


Father we are grateful for the year 2018, for all the good things You have done for us. We also thank You for the not so good things. We are certain that though the enemy came to corrupt that which You have done, it still worked for our good because You love us with an everlasting LOVE.

Father we thank You for being God despite our shortcomings. We thank You for Your faithfulness, grace and mercy over us.

Father we thank You over Nigeria for all the happenings of the year. We are here to say THANK YOU.

We thank You for our economy. Despite the hardship, we scaled through; we are standing and saying THANK YOU.


The Lord is my Shepherd. I have all that I need and my strength is renewed. I get divine direction in my daily activities and I bring honour to the Lord. My decisions honour the Lord because I live a righteous life.

In my going out and my coming in, the Lord keeps me safe. Therefore I will not be afraid of what man can do to me. I do not live according to the flesh because the Lord strengths me daily.

My needs are met supernaturally because I trust in the Lord. The Lord has found a dwelling place in me, therefore my health is renewed.

Through the redemption work of Christ, I can stand before the Father. I seek and worship Him daily because from You I have my existence.

I have set my face upon the Lord I will not be put to shame. My enemies will not rejoice over me in defeat. I live in good health by the works of Jesus Christ; hence, the process of death is reversed in my life.

I trust in You Oh Lord because You will show me the right path. You will lead me by Your truth and teach me Your ways. Because I honour Your name Lord, I live in prosperity according to Your covenant.

I shall not be put to shame. You have saved me from all my troubles and You have forgiven all my sins.


Personal Prayer Points



  1. I want us to pray that I and my family will continue to enjoy sound health for the rest of this year and in 2019.
    And I want us to pray that any kind of death assigned to my family and every Eden member this month/year be cancelled ……..Jessica

  2. I want us to join my family and I in faith concerning my brothers travelling expenses, as we connect to the grace in Eden; that there would be an overflow in our finances.
    And I want us to join a friend in faith concerning a property he wants to acquire. That God will make a way for him and that he will be favored…….. Tamara

  3. Am trusting God for clarity of His purpose for me concerning my businesses in 2019, that His will be done …..Anonymous

  4. I want us to pray for my family. That every financial limitation will end as this year is almost coming to an end. And I want us to pray that 2019 shall be a greater year of testimonies for all Eden family.… Mary

  5. I want us to pray that the Lord will remember me for His greatness and direct my path to His prosperity……Damilare



  1. God should restore lost glory of my family.
  2. God should grant me an outstanding result and CGPA in my academics.
  3. For the entire Eden UNILORIN team, God should give us the grace to be rightful Christ ambassadors in our school and be able to achieve the aims of Eden.

Deliverance For My Friend
My friend is obsessed with thoughts of a particular lady, which is clouding his judgment. I want God to deliver him & renew his mind.

Help, Strength & Blessings From God
God should help me miraculously in my academics and strengthen my spiritual life. God bless the work of my hands and enlarge my coast

Thanksgiving and Guidance Of The Holy Spirit
In Jesus name, I want to thank God for His mercies and love in my life so far, I want to thank Him for life, health, career and self development, and also for leading me through this amazing journey of life.
On a special note, I thank Him for my family and my friends and Eden fellowship, Glory be to his name, Amen.
I want to pray for spiritual healthiness, for spiritual strength, I pray the Holy Spirit stays by me often to guide and educate me both in the spiritual realm and physical scenes.
Dear God, please hear my prayers.
Kenechukwu. B

Deliverance For Kidnapped Victims And Resolution Of ASUU Strike
1. The Lord should deliver Leah and the remaining Chibok girls and restore them to perfect health, despite the psychological trauma and abuse they might have gone through.

2. The Lord should deliver all kidnapped victims and protect people from kidnappers.

3. Federal Government and ASUU should resolve their differences as soon as possible.

God’s Provision, Protection, Wisdom and Sustenance
Life has been too hard for me.
I tried to get things right, but I end up in a wrong mess. I’m in debt and been broke. Business has been hard. I overwork myself yet this is where I am. 

The borrowers are on my neck.
Even if this is my last prayer request, let God have mercy on me and help me out. 

Please help pray along.

Fulfillment Of 2018 Aspirations, A Better 2019 & Wise Leaders For Nigeria
1. That my plans and desires for the rest of the year be fulfilled.
2. That my parents’ ministry continues to blossom even beyond the family’s understands.
3. That my excitement and expectations for 2019 never be cut short.
4. That Nigerians be wise enough to vote right in the coming elections.

Let us pray for a peaceful campaign season in Nigeria in the coming weeks and security for all citizens.

I want God to judge the perpetrators of evil in our nation. Let them not go Scot-free as this will breed more evil.

Completion Of Building Project
I want God to provide the funds needed to complete a long and overdue building project in my family

Successful WAFBEC 2019
May the Lord’s perfect will be done at WAFBEC 2019 and the unlimited manifestation of the power of God will be visible. The intended vision of the convention will be experienced & numerous souls will be won for the kingdom during the convention, In Jesus’ Name.
Joseph. A