Eden Prays JUNE 2018 – REVIVAL (JUDGES)


Father we thank you for the month of June. We thank you for the victories we have had so far this year, we are grateful for provision and protection.

We lift up our voices to say thank you Father for the processes we have to go through, we believe these processes work together for our good and they make us better.

We thank you for the Eden Getaway Retreat this year, Lord, we are grateful.

We pray over our nation that no time shall come that we will be without a leader who has the fear of the Lord. We ask for leaders like Othniel who have the fear of the Lord in the corporate community.

We pray that the hearts of our leaders in the corporate world are touched that they will stand for truth in times when crucial decisions will be made. We ask for wisdom and insight for them, that they make right decisions.

We declare over everyone doing a business venture or the other, that they have eyes that see, ears that hear and an understanding heart.

We pray for the church for increased relevance in our nation, that the church will take her rightful place as the light of the world, be a shining light unto the nation and come back to her first love.

We ask for an increase in prophetic encounters, that men will see the Lord in every situation of their lives. We ask that we walk in victory.


We do not look to the establishment of men for Salvation because our help is from the Lord.

We are not afraid of what men may do to us, because the Lord our salvation will never leave us nor forsake us.

We are not afraid by the numbers of our adversaries because our victory belongs to the Lord. Because He promised not to leave us, we know He will not allow us to see corruption and so we declare our better days are yet to come.

We know the Father gave us His Holy Spirit as a seal of our salvation, therefore, we declare we are abundantly satisfied and we do not lack anything.

We lay hold on excellent things of the Spirit, we access the full salvation package

Because we have the Spirit of God living in us, we have insight into the things of God; we are marvellously helped by the Almighty.

As a community of believers, we declare our coasts are enlarged because the Lord has promised us that wherever the sole of our feet touches, He will take the place for us. As we go out to take new grounds we receive favour.

Personal Prayer Points

Trafficked children
God save more slaves.

Lord grant me favour and help to build this church and grant me helper to support me. Lord fayegba iseranse mi

Growth In Business
My body and business

Please Do Your Best To Pray For Me
God should put an end to the too much painful delay & stagnation that I am experiencing and that my father make the right decisions and play his fatherly role to me and in my life.

Pray With Me
That the favour of the Lord will continue to be with me. That people will pull their resources together for good. Prayer that the door of opportunity will be open unto my mom in her retirement years. That my goals for the year will continue to be achieved one after the other.