It’s the seventh month and beginning of the second half of the year. Lord we thank You for sustaining us.

Father we thank You for providing for us and for meeting us at our every point of need. We thank You for satisfying us with long life and showing us Your salvation; we pray that the line fall unto pleasant places for us and You put Your name upon us and bless us.

We thank You for Your Word and promises towards us, we know that it will not return to You void. We thank You because we shall always be fruitful and are a blessing to our nation and the world.

Father we thank You for the unity of our country Nigeria; we thank You because Your love will be shared abroad in our hearts. We thank You because Your perfect will for this country will be established.

Lord we pray over our nation that You raise a company of men and women who will walk in the grace and anointing of Joseph, Daniel and David empowered by the Spirit. They will go forth and preserve the land.

We pray over our families, show us what set of action(s) to take to serve as a preserver of generations. We pray over our careers that we will not lose sight of eternal relevance in our pursuit of prominence in this world.

We ask for the grace to weather the storms like Paul even for the establishment of the Lord’s Kingdom in our spheres of influence.

In our businesses, we pray that we make sustainable decisions, such ones that will make generations to come bless us. In our going out and coming in we declare peace over our land

Concerning the Ekiti elections and generally over the country, we ask for peace.

Just as Jeremiah bought a piece of land in the face of impending war, we believe the word of the Lord over us that, the land shall be green and lush again. Over our nation, we believe Nigeria shall be one of the most desirable countries to live in again.


Father, we thank You for Your love over us, it is evident in all You do for us even at this time when the oppression of the wicked ones seem to be high in the land.

We acknowledge we are sore vexed in our hearts, but we choose what Your Word says unto us; we rejoice in Your Word because it gives us strength.

We are strengthened by the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of our brothers and sisters; we are assured that You will sustain us as You did for the men of the old.

We trust in You and we declare over our land healing; we proclaim liberty upon the high places in our lives and we rejoice because we are standing on Your word.

We believe in Your word because You saved us out of our numerous troubles; our souls depend on You Lord and we will wait on You because our salvation is from You.

We are firmly rooted in Yahweh, we shall not be moved. We do not delight in lies nor deceit, we live up to the ministry we received.

Our way of life matches our belief system in every aspect; we trust in You at all times because all power belongs to You and You give us according to Your riches in Christ our Lord.


Personal Prayer Points


Execute justice against the apostasy criminals for Your names sake & for Your truly humble servants we pray dearest Trinity God!

God keep my back healthy so I will accomplish my fitness goals dearest God. Keep Arlyn healthy & safe dearest God!

Divine support

I need divine support for my new business to grow financially and make positive impact on lives.

Hot water
God cause my hot water tank to function & operate properly at regular temperatures Wonderful God!

Thanksgiving and Prayers
Thank you Jesus, hallelujah. I want to thank God for his mercies and love, guidance and blessings; He has been so good to me and my family. I want to ask Him to keep up the good work on me as I venture into life as a young man, to guide my steps in life. Pray for more promotions at work place and protect me from the evil ones and the snares, and forever we will give glory to Him forever.