Eden Prays AUGUST 2018 – LIVING BY FAITH – Habakkuk 2:4


Father we thank You for the journey so far.

Father we thank You for the nation and for easing our burdens.

We thank You because we know that all things work together for our good.

We give thanks for Eden Nigeria; we thank You for our alumni and everyone that has passed through or connected in any way to Eden. We pray over their lives that they get divine direction.


We have our hearts purified by the Word of the Lord because we live according to His Word by Faith.

Our eyes are turned from darkness to light because we live by the faith of the Son of God who loves us.

We reveal the righteousness of GOD to the world around us by our lifestyle conforming to the Word of God.

Because of what Christ has done, we are not condemned even when we make mistakes because the blood speaks on our behalf and we set our gaze on the ONE.

Our justification is of Christ and we therefore have peace with the Father, hence we flourish.

Our walk is enabled by faith; hence we call things that are not as though they were, not for us to believe but because He spoke the words to us through his WORD.

We acknowledge that we are the children of God; hence we have access to the Father and all that He has made available for us in Christ Jesus.

Because we understand that works do not justify, we therefore work not to be justified but to show the world our justification that we are the children of GOD.

Personal Prayer Points

Financial Provision
I lost my job 2 and half months ago. Please agree with me for a full-time job so I will be able to pay rent and supplies and also to give towards God’s kingdom as this is my passion.

Angela. L

Overcome Evils
Overcome sorcery we pray Trinity God!

Brian. F

Exam Success
Retentive memory and direction on where to study.
Ruth. N

God’s Grace, Mercy and Favour
Please, join me in praying for my relative as she goes for her visa interview. God has granted her the right utterance and His presence, grace and mercy shall go with her. He has granted her favour before the consular officer. I thank God and believe that He has done it for her and the interview was successful. Please join me in prayers daily. The interview is next two weeks. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Mercy is visually impaired and has cancer of the breast and has a wound on the breast. Let’s ask God to miraculously heal her of the breast cancer, wound and her sight.

Total Healing From Cancer
Please pray for Margaret Ayodele, who is undergoing treatment for a cancer. Let’s declare complete healing over her life and body by the spirit of God.

Success In All My Endeavors
I pray for Gods divine direction and guidance, supernatural ideas to excel in all my endeavors. God’s protection upon my family, and everyone connected to me. And I pray for the peace of Nigeria and Africa at large; God to intervene in our political systems. In Jesus name. Amen.

Success, Blessings and Favour
My prayer point is for God to make my final year in UNILORIN this year a successful one with an outstanding grade second class upper. And for God to bless my mom’s school “SmartKids” and make it an outstanding reality. Really I want God’s Favour, mercy and Grace upon my family and my life.
Louis. L

Prayer for direction on the next step to take in life and God’s plan for my life. Also, to be able to hear God and receive grace. Amen.