Eden Prays April 2018 – ENLARGEMENT


Father we appreciate You for this year so far. Thank You for the words and promises which you are watching to perform.

Father thank You for the beginning of another quarter of 2018. Thank You Lord for You will keep guiding our paths,You will shed light on our ways and fill us with more wisdom to fulfill Your desires in our everyday life.

Psalm 146: 1-3


I am blessed in my spirit soul and body.

I succeed in all my endeavours and the Lord continually blesses the work of my hands.

I am blessed in all that the Lord has placed in my hands and wherever He has positioned me.

I receive increase in capacity in all that I do and will do.

I have no limit to who I am and will become.

My business becomes enlarged and I take new territories. I am favoured in my career.

I become a blessing to my organization. I become a shining light in my department.

The Kingdom of God becomes more enlarged on the earth.

The Lord will raise more people that will be engaged in Kingdom enlargement.

We declare our Nation blessed.

We become enlarged in every capacity – human, economical, capital development.

Our prosperity becomes more visible to all and we lack nothing.


Personal Prayer Points

Please pray for my sister
She is about to make a wrong decision, that God should shine His light in her life and have mercy on her.

Lord should arise and pave way for us to build our church. Obstacle should be rolled away God should provide for us the material needed to roof and build this. God should raise us helpers to help us finance this ministry. CAC chapel of deliverance should rise and shine and members should flow in. The Power blocking this church should die. That God should enlarge our coast.

All round breakthrough
Deepening of the Word of God in my heart. Optimal health, Financial breakthrough, more commitment to the things of God. Cessation of abdominal pain, high blood pressure, eye problem. Completion of housing project, etc

Open doors in business
Just launched a business and there’s no profit coming in. My prayer is that doors of favour will open up in my business.