• Appreciate God for the New Year, the lord has been faithful to His words. Praise him and sing songs to appreciate Him.
  • Worship God for what He will do in your life and your family in 2017.
  • 2017 has been declared as our year of thriving, decree it into your life and all that is yours.
  • The Lord told Abram to walk before him and be perfect (Gen 17:1) and the lord establish his covenant with him (Gen 17:4-8). Pray for God’s strength to be steadfast in your walk with him and not to be distracted.
  • Pray that God’s love will be renewed in your heart consistently and pray to keep on growing in grace.
  • Pray for people around you that are not yet saved for the salvation of their soul.
  • Nigeria went through a lot economy and security crisis in 2016. Pray for Nigeria using Ezek 34:25-31.
  • Some higher institutions are going through hard times, pray for God’s divine intervention in Lautech and others.
  • Pray for Edennigeria to experience increase in 2017.
  • The Lord has promised to satisfy us with good things, commit your heart desires to him.



  • OA- Please join me in prayers. That God should heal me off all my sicknesses and diseases.
  • CO- Please join me in prayers, I applied for a job, an international job in Abuja. It will be a major step in my career and it is my dream job too.