The 3- days training is initiated in a school, and the curriculum starts to take effect latest the following semester.The Initialization stage is to be handled and monitored by the Value OptimizationCoordinator and the subsequent trainings which is the curriculum is overseen by the school Arrowhead or School Institute Pioneer/ Principal.

The trainings are to be facilitated by competent facilitators drawn from interested Alumnus, individuals suggested by the team (subject to approval) or a recommended facilitator by the central Institute.

The team is expected to have fulfilled the criteria for having the trainings

The proposed facilitator gets and studies the materials for his/her topic, and fills a form to say he/she has proper understanding of the topic and would teach what is supposed to be taught without a self-accomplished goal in mind.

The team sends a report to the central to give a feedback about the trainings and the effect and testimonies Checks and balances mediums for every team.