Supernatural Life Conference

Supernatural Life Conference (SLC) Lagos, 2018
Experiencing a Lifestyle beyond the ordinary!

Conference Convener: Philip Olubakin

Theme : Greater Works!

About SLC Lagos 2018
In a world where believers are gradually accepting mediocrity and complacency; no longer challenged to disrupt the status quo in their spiritual, personal and professional lives, it has become pertinent to intentionally refocus and realign believers to the mandate of Greater Works!

The battles we face in this day and age have become more complex and would only respond to a higher dimension of spiritual power and a superior kingdom lifestyle. The believer’s daily reality should be one that is extra-ordinary which is drawn from the limitless power made available by the Holy Spirit.

The believer is charged to accomplish greater feats for the Body of Christ, experience a superlative quality of life, fulfilment of ministry / assignment and contribute to the World.

The Supernatural Life Conference – Lagos, themed “Greater Works!” is a one day word and worship gathering designed to stir the lives of believer to both desire and experience the supernatural in their walk with God through the impartation of the word of God and intense worship.


To ignite and re-ignite the pursuit and experience of the supernatural in the everyday life of believers


1. To teach of the Word of God showcasing the power and authority in the Name of Jesus which brings about an experience and performance of the extraordinary.

2. To stir up the desire and expression of the supernatural in the lives of the children of God through intense worship and prayer.

3. To provide counselling and mentoring sessions to believers desirous of guidance on how to be used by the Holy Spirit for Supernatural works.

SLC Lagos is a place of encounter. A place of fresh fire and mantle, renewed fire, restored glory and receiving strength to fulfil destiny.

you don’t want to miss this!

DATE: Sunday, June 24, 2018

TIME: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

VENUE: Out of Zion Center, Maryland, Ikeja. Lagos


Jun 24 2018


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Out of Zion Center
Out of Zion Center, Maryland, Ikeja. Lagos
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