I have been wondering why people give up so soon.

I realise that our problem is we want to get rich over night!

Some other people are greedy!! they want to acquire & see all the wealth & millions in one or two Months… of joining or starting…
This is not impossible. But it requires commensurate work!

Most people are looking for a shortcut to riches. Then when they couldn’t achieve all these in a short time, they quit!

If you have these attributes you can Never be successful in Business.!

Except a grain falls to the ground and dies, it will not spring up. When you plant a seed, it will first die, rotten before it starts to grow and that is process.

That is to tell us that you must pass through a natural process of working, grooming, transformation in all areas before you succeed.

There is a time for doing a great work for you to come out successful.

All these are natural laws to Prosperity.

How can someone do a Business for three months and you want to earn trillions of Naira with little or no effort?

No wonder only few people get truly Rich…and make it to the Top…of a system.

You need to see the work those persons at the top are doing to achieve Success.
Great sacrifices, extraordinary things.

They Don’t give room for excuses! 100% focus on their goal! They are never distracted. *They are not moved by Rejection……

It takes TIME to build a SYSTEM that will pay you over TIME. when you find a system like ours in here, stick to it.

Throw away what you think you know, and stick to the system.

Every billionaire you see today….has worked for years….I mean great years….before they became great…in their Business.

Before u say this Business is not working for me, STOP!
ask yourself the following questions..

1). How long have I built my business?

2). What are the extraordinary things i have done to come out great!

3). How old am I in this business?

How many people have I introduced into my business & what effort have I made to bring the best out of them.

Untill you change your APPROACH, your MIND, your THINKING….you cannot see the change you desire in this business.

Cheers to your Success

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DATE: Saturday 3RD JUNE 2017


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Jun 03 2017


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City Of Christ Mission
City Of Christ Mission, 33 Odebunmi Afonka Street, Off Mosholashi B/Stop, Shasha Akowonjo Alimoso, Lagos


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