The Eagles Youth Camp is an annual event sponsored and organized by The Christian Brethren Church, Lagos for youths between the ages of 15-30 years. In realizing the strategic position of the youths in God’s end time revival, the church, under the leadership of Pastor Afolabi Oladele, does not handle this vision with levity, and in the last couple of years, has invested a lot of resources into fulfilling this vision. This event has been held annually in Nigeria since 2002, while the Eagles’ Youth Camp, South Africa was first held in 2012.
We believe that you can build the nation by building the youths and if the youths are going to be leaders tomorrow, they must start leading today. Therefore, the youth camp serves as a hatching ground for the next generation of leaders both for the body of Christ and the nation at large. Youths from all walks of life and different Christian assemblies have been immensely blessed through this outreach arm of The Christian Brethren church.
Since its inception in 2002, every camp has had its own peculiar theme which is the identity of the camp; it creates an atmosphere for the campers giving them a fore-knowledge of what should be expected and also helps channel the activities that take place in camp.
The objectives of the annual Eagles Youth Camp are:
To lead youth into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
To help youth to understand that God has a purpose for their lives.
To help youth to view life from God’s perspective by learning how to apply the principles of God’s Word to their lives.
To help youth to develop a philosophy of life that is in harmony with the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.
To help youth to understand the importance of preparing now for their eternal future.
To help youth to understand the value of serving God and man.
To help youth jump-start healthy habits
To empower youth live a wholesome life.
To help youth establish authentic Christian friendships across denominational divides by emphasizing “Unity in the essentials of faith, liberty in non-essentials and charity in all things”.
The camp programs vary, so that the totality of the being is affected positively. To help build the Spirit being, there are at least two word sessions per day and numerous question and answer sessions on life issues. The split session is a closely knitted program designed to enrich the souls of males and females separately. In these sessions, discussions on various topics ranging from health, sex and sexuality, academics, career, relationships etc., are brought up and sometimes experts in various fields are invited. There is also time allocated for compulsory indoor and outdoor games for all campers.
Two activities which have been observed to foster team spirit and build inter personal relationships include:
Daily Chores: The campers are assigned various tasks which is a collective responsibility.
Variety Night: This is one of the most enjoyed activities in the camp. A night where the campers are given the opportunity to showcase their God-given talents and also affords them opportunities to discover new ones.
Discipline remains the cornerstone of the camp. Rules are set and are expected to be strictly adhered to, failure to do so may attract penalties.
God does not forget our labours of love, but rewards those that DILIGENTLY seek Him, (Hebrews 6:10, 11: 6b). Rewards are set aside for members of the halls that excel in carrying out chores, sports and variety night. A hall emerges as the best based on the cumulative points from all scored activities in the camp. Distinct individuals who become best campers, based on different criteria are also awarded. Some past rewards include all expense paid trip to South Africa, Kenya, Ivory Coast and Benin republic to attend other Christian youth conferences.


Jul 24 2017 - Jul 30 2017




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