Governance And Democracy 101

Governance And Democracy 101

Covenant Christian Centre is putting together a series of educational seminars and interactive sessions with knowledgeable people and active participants in the area of Governance and Democracy.

These are non-partisan meetings that have the mandate to do the following things among others.

1. Educating the populace on citizen rights and obligations.

2. The political history of our nation, where we are coming from and how we got to where we are. The historical interests of the different “nationalities” that form Nigeria.

3. Funding of parties and political ambitions of an individual.

4. Understanding party platforms and the need to demand a clear manifesto and debates from political parties and their candidates at every level.

5. How and the need to get involved, joining political parties, becoming a delegate and getting your PVC once you are 18 years old.

6. The role of INEC during elections, their relationship with candidates, parties and even government.

7. How elections are rigged in developing nations. How to protect your vote.

8. How to hold democratically elected governments accountable after you elect them. The pressure points in a democracy.

These and other things will be discussed. This is a non-religious meeting.

The first of such meetings will hold on the 10th of March. Only 1,000 accredited people who have registered will be allowed to participate.

Registration opens on Monday the 26th of February at 6.00am.

To Register, visit:


Mar 10 2018


9:00 am


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