Women on the front lines conference 2017

Women on the front lines conference 2017

Women on the Front Lines Conference is an annual gathering of women in all facets of ministry and female Christian leaders to fellowship together, rest, pour out and receive in full, learn and connect, lay down weaknesses and be strengthened at the feet of the Master. It is mainly a prayer and word conference.

This year’s conference

† THEME: “Catch The Fire” Reference: Jeremiah 20 verse 9, John 5 verse 35.
† TYPE: A prayer and word conference.
† AIM: We have come to a new phase in the battle of the ages and we need to preach the gospel swiftly and with accurate knowledge as never before. It is reality that indeed God’s grace flourishes more than the devil’s wickedness in our day because fiercer angels have been released for the salvation of many! As Ephesians 4 verse 14 to 15 explains “God wants us to grow up, to know the whole truth…. [He needs us to get to that point in Him where] we will no longer be like children, forever changing our minds about what we believe because someone has told us something different or has cleverly lied to us and made the lie sound like the truth” (The Message, The Living Bible). The major aim of this year’s conference is to give women in ministry a proper understanding of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and their individual role in fulfilling God’s agenda for this end time. Great conviction would be driven right into our souls to be activists for the Gospel of Jesus. Also as you might be aware that women in ministry are faced with peculiar challenges that are distinct from the experience of the usual Christian women. The Lord seeks to address some of these issues through this platform and cause His blessing to rest upon us to minister to His people. We would create the atmosphere where women in ministry could be themselves with no one judging, where we can pray, learn, cry and just be ourselves in front of our Lord.
Women on the Front Lines conference 2017, is a unique conference with the sound code of the Glory of God! This conference is more than a meeting; it is an impartation. There would be a feast of the Word of God, the spirit of prayer, a different kind of worship, impartation and healings. Whilst the speakers would teach, the fire of God’s Spirit would work in us, stirring a passion and love for the Master; there shall be a mingling together of passionate hearts and a transference of godly fire. This passion would transport us to a greater level in our walk with the Father and we would be imparted with renewed boldness to go on in our destinies as we contend for the Faith of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

† DATE: 23rd of September, 2017.
† VENUE: ROYAL EVENT CENTRE, Balogun Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos
† TIME: 9am prompt. (Purple Carpet/Registration begins at 9am). No strict dress code.

Other features: talk shows, plenary, Q & A, music, food, exhibitions, networking etc.

Please reserve your seats by registration on our eventbrite page using this link


Our target audience are Female Church Workers, Department Heads/Service Unit Leaders or Members, Cell Fellowship Leaders, Bible Study Teachers, Ministry Directors and Leaders of (Campus, Youth, Teen, Women, Singles/Married, Profession Based Fellowships etc.), Pastor’s Wives, Pastors, Deaconesses, Church Staffs, Church/Ministry Administrators, Directors of Faith Based NGOs and Social Enterprises and any discerning woman that knows that women on the front lines is a special move of the Spirit of God.

We expect to host 300 delegates from at least 30 churches/ministries/fellowships all across Nigeria. We believe you will be blessed by coming for this conference and by partnering with God to birth a revival in the Body of Christ in Nigeria, through this conference and therefore look forward to working with us for the Lord!

This event is FREE But Registration is required

We have made arrangements for affordable housing and discount taxi fares, you can send us a mail if you and your group of women will need these chandeliernetwork@gmail.com

See You and your girl friends
LIVE in Lagos at Women on the front lines conferemce!


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Sep 23 2017


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


ROYAL EVENT CENTRE, Balogun Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos


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