Eden Prays September 2017 – Prevail



* Father we thank you for protection from all evils and for fighting our battles those we are aware of and not aware of.
* Lord, we acknowledge that by strength, we cannot overcome and for this we return all the glory to you.


Psa_9:19, Jer_1:19

* We pray for our country Nigeria, Lord Arise and let no evil prevail over the Land.
* We judge every unrest upon our land and we declare that the counsel of the Lord shall stand.
* We pray for peace over everyone displaced by flooding. We ask O lord that you send help to them on all sides.
* We pray for solace over the IDPs in North-East Nigeria, we declare peace in the region.
* We pray for the disturbed in South-East Nigeria, we ask Lord that you give the leaders wisdom.
* Also, we pray for the Unity of our country Nigeria, we declare that the evil ones shall not prevail over the nation.
* We ask O Lord that you help our leaders in policy making that development comes upon our land.
* We pray for all the labour unions on industrial actions, we say that there is understanding on all sides and issues are resolved amicably and timely.



* Father, we thank you for your Spirit you gave to us. This Spirit makes us to overcome the world. We thank you for our faith for it is the victory that overcomes the world.
* Lord we declare that we prevail over the issues of life by your Spirit in us.
* We declare that the pleasures of this world do not have a stronghold on us.
* We declare that we abound in love and in the knowledge of Christ.
* We declare that geographical lines are fallen unto us in great and pleasant places.
* We declare that we are favoured on all sides by God and by men
* We declare over the educational sector of our nation that the strongholds are pulled down and are brought in obedience to the Lordship of Christ
* We declare in our Political and Governance that men rule with the Love of the Father as their driving force.
* We declare over our entertainment industry that men are drawn closer to you.
* We declare over our business sector that equity and fairness and integrity is the foundation for all the decision.
* We declare over our children, brothers, sisters, nephew, nieces, friends and relatives in school that their understanding is fruitful.


Rev_2:7, Rev_2:11, Rev_2:17, Rev_2:26, Rev_3:5, Rev_3:12, Rev_3:21, Rev_21:7

* Finally, we ask O Lord that you help us to be steady in you, that we grow rooted and grounded in you so we may not be overcome by every wind of doctrine. We ask by your Spirit you help us to discern the right and the wrong in our generation.
* That we may partake of the tree of life,
* that we may not be hurt by the second death,
* that we may partake of the hidden manner,
* that we may have power over nations,
* that our names may not be blotted out of the book of life,
* that we may be made pillars in the house of God,
* and that we may inherit all things


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