Eden Prays March 2018 – NIGERIA


This is a special edition of Eden Prays and we will be praying essentially for our country -Nigeria.

Father, we thank You for our country Nigeria, from 1914 till date, You, o Lord have been with us.

We thank You for 57 years of self-governance, going through wars and civil unrest but we are still together as a country.

We thank You, Lord, for all the things happening in our country at this present time because we know that all things work together for our good.

We thank You for the Executive arm of government – the presidency, the governors, the ministers, the chairmen, the councilors and all leader in the different levels of government. We pray that our leaders are surrounded by upright men who will give counsel from Your throne to them in the name of Jesus.

We declare over our leaders that they rule us with an upright and just heart. We pray for them that they are in good health and in the right frame of mind.

We pray for our government that the Lord is with us as a mighty man of battle. We pray that even the difficult situations facing us, You will raise men with insight who will provide solutions to these problems.

We pray for the legislative arm of government, Lord we ask for honesty and uprightness of heart over these ones.
We pray that both in the federal, state and local government areas, they will sit not for their selfish desires, but for the good of the country.

We pray that laws that uphold righteous living will be passed upon our land and our nation shall be exalted.

We pray for the armed forces and every law enforcement agency in our nation, Father we pray that You guide their leaders.

We pray for them that You will satisfy them early.

We pray that righteousness will reign over the armed forces.

We ask for strength especially for those fighting to protect the integrity and sovereignty of our territory. We ask that You grant them strength and insight to fight these battles wisely.

Just as You were with the Israelite, we ask that You will lead them to the battles and they shall be victorious. We pray that they will choose their battles wisely and we shall have no casualties and losses.

We lift up unto You all the men and women working in the public sector of our country, we ask that You give unto them Wisdom and direction.

We pray for a revival over the public sector of our economy, that men and women of substance shall be in places of influence, those who will ensure that equity and justice are done for all.

We pray for those facing challenges, show Yourself as the Lord who saves unto them even as they call upon Your mighty name.

We pray for our Educational system especially the universities – those in places of influence over the SSANU, ASUU, NASU, and every other tertiary institution body, that they shall have a change of heart and have better and more pro-active ways of resolving issues with the government.

Father, we ask over the health sector, housing, power and every other area of the economy, that men will open their hearts and listen to Your dictates and nudging.

Father, we pray for a revival to sweep across our land starting from the North-east. We know that the blood of Jesus Your only Son is the only requirement for Your love for us. We pray that You will have mercy on our land and avenge the death of the innocent ones by causing a great revival that will bring a harvest of souls into Your kingdom all across Africa beginning from North-east Nigeria.

Lord, we are so grateful because we have an assurance that whatsoever we ask, You promised we shall receive it.

Personal Prayer Points

Completion Of House Project
I want the Lord to help with the completion of our house project. We have been on this building since 2010. I want the house to be completed in March. Where we are currently residing is not conducive at all. Thank you.. Anonymous

Grace To Keep My Focus On Christ
As the world becomes more inclined to unrighteousness, I want God to give me the grace and sustain me in seeking first His kingdom and to live a life that is pleasing to Him…………………..  Anonymous.

Prayer For The Internally Displaced
Let’s pray for those who have been affected by the mayhem going on in the North-East. May the Lord comfort and sustain the internally displaced. May we the citizens be compassionate and come to their aid…….. Anonymous