Eden Prays JANUARY 2018

Eden Prays – JANUARY

Let`s thank God for the new year
Let`s thank God for a new beginning
Let`s thank God for the body of Christ
Let`s thank God for the leadership of Eden at all levels
Let`s thank God for our nation & our leaders at all levels


My words are seasoned with salt and I minister grace unto people through the words of my mouth.
I am wise because I use knowledge aright.
The eyes of the Lord are upon me everywhere I go.
I am a prudent person because I regard the instructions of the Lord.
I go forth and minister knowledge everywhere I go.
My prayer is the Lord’s delight because I am in Christ and I follow after righteousness.
My heart is merry and I minister life unto people this year.
I am abundantly satisfied by the Lord in all that I do.
The Lord is my portion and my inheritance.
I do not bring reproach to my family because I am a person of understanding and I walk uprightly.

Leadership and Excellence for Accelerated Development (LEAD)

We ask Lord that you enable us with the grace for leadership not just to occupy positions.
We ask for wisdom like that of Solomon, insight like that of Joseph to interpret dreams, tenacity and persistency in prayer like Daniel to birth solutions for our nation and the world.
Lord we ask that you raise a generation of exemplary, outstanding and excellent leaders from among us.


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